Tips on how to prevent your tools from being stolen

Construction tools are expensive; once the robbers crack the tool container, they can easily get up to $20,000 per container. Of course, large job sites have guards and cameras, but that doesn’t stop robberies. Let’s see how you can prevent your precious tools from being stolen.

Get insurance

It depends on how many and how expensive tools you have, but probably the first thing would be to have insurance against theft. You might feel safe with insurance, but in the event of theft, you still face costs. You have to report robbery, your workers are waiting idle, and you lose money on idleness while getting new tools. You should get insurance, but you also need to protect yourself because the insurance company will not cover your idle.

Write your serials

Hilti and other tool suppliers have unique serial numbers on their tools. Once your tool is stolen, you can report these serial numbers to the manufacturer, and in the event that these tools are sent to repair, they will immediately spot that this tool was stolen and give it back to you.

Mark your tools

Use an engraver and mark your details on every piece of equipment you use. With these marks, thieves may avoid stealing them; hence, it is harder to sell them. Also, if the police find potential robbers, it is easier for them to identify stolen tools.

Paint your tools

Paint your tools white, yellow, or any other color; this will significantly reduce the price of the tools, and thieves will be discouraged from stealing them. Actually, once you paint your tools, it is also easier to find which ones are yours on site. Because other contractors may have the same tools you do and it is easy to mix.

Install wireless cameras

This probably won’t save your tools. But having signs of video surveillance may deter thefts. Use at least two cameras, one outside the tool container and one inside. Also, video footage can then be used and handed over to the police.

Smart padlock

There are many smart padlocks on the market. You can open them with your finger prints or smart phones, so you can forget about losing keys. The good thing is that once the robbers crack the lock, you get an instant message.

Install tracking devices

Reconsider installing tracking devices on some of the most expensive tools you have. Or reconsider buying tools with a GPS tracker already preinstalled. Unfortunately, not all of the tools have GPS trackers. But once your tool is stolen, you can track it.

Bring them to your home or garage.

I know many small contractors who take their expensive tools with them. This way, you know that they are safe with you or with your team.


Construction sites very often get robbed. Tools are getting more and more expensive, and it is easy to rob these sites because often there is no security. Insurance will save you, but it will not cover your idle time while your team is waiting until you get new tools.  So you need to be smart in order to prevent your tools from being stolen. 

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