If you are working or planning to work in Sweden and execute the construction works then you will come up with terms ABT06 and AB04. Since there is no special legislation that regulates contracts and contract work, the construction industry itself has been involved in developing general conditions that must apply in the context of contracts. These are well established within the industry and are most often used in all different types of contracts where the parties have agreed that they should apply.


AB 04 is intended to be used for building, construction, and installation contracts on execution contracts, i.e. when the client is responsible for planning and the contractor for execution. When going into an agreement with AB04 it is important to understand that the client is responsible for the design, choosing the right materials, system, loads, and everything else related to design. While the contractor is responsible to perform assembly works clearly according to clients instructions. If contractors want to make changes in how to execute the works this then must be agreed upon in writing.


ABT 06 General Provisions for turnkey contracts are intended to be used for building, construction, and installation work carried out on turnkey contracts, i.e. when the contractor is responsible for design and execution. The fact that the contractor is responsible for the design means that the client only orders a technical solution from the contractor. For example, a client can order from contractor staircases for a project which is made from concrete with custom made railings according to a specific pattern. A contractor then draws up a technical solution for this staircase and performs the whole work. A contractor is also responsible to follow standards and local rules.


ABT06 and AB04 share the same content and they both will give you guidelines, roles, and responsibilities about:

Of course, parties can make changes in AB04 or ABT06, this then should be clearly pointed out in a binding agreement between parties.


AB04 and ABT06 both share many similarities. Although AB04 will be used in cases if your client is contracting from you installation services hence you would need to follow his instructions. While if the works are contracted based on ABT06 your client will expect to receive from you full service – client is giving you orders of what he wants and contractors job is to design, follow standards and manage works. This was a very broad overview of the General Conditions and guidelines for construction services in Sweden ABT06 and AB04. For more information, I recommend visiting BKK or book consultants.

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Personally, I have been working according to ABT06 and AB04 in many projects. In most cases, clients are ordering works according to ABT06 thus giving responsibility for technical solutions to contractors. Work with contracts doesn’t stop there. There are also administrative regulations (administrativa föreskrifterna AF) and more to consider when stepping into the agreement.

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