Successful Construction Project Management

Successful Construction Project Management Construction project management involves managing every part of a construction project, from planning to execution. There are many skills required for effective project management, but one of the most important is communication. In this blog post, we’ll look at how successful construction project managers communicate. Create a Flow of Communication A […]

Why PlanUpPro is a better alternative to Procore for small contractors

PlanUpPro alternative to Procore

Why PlanUpPro is a better alternative to Procore for small contractors As you already might know, Procore is a great tool, but only if you are a general contractor or operate a large construction business. It is packed with many features, but it lacks focus on the needs of the site.  So if you perform […]

Why you should start using construction software

which construction software to use

Why you should start using construction software The construction business is tough, and you must be smart in order to succeed. Margins for projects are small, and often projects run over budget. You have to be smart and efficient to stay competitive. Construction software is designed to help contractors reduce overall risks, schedule the project, […]

6 must have skills for any construction project manager

must have skills for any construction project manager

6 must have skills for any construction project manager Construction project management is not easy. You always need to learn and adapt to new things and be open minded about changes. Let’s see what the main skills needed for any construction project manager are. The number one skill – PROBLEM SOLVING Problem solving is a […]

ESUB alternative for small contractors and subcontractors​

ESUB alternative for small contractors and subcontractors​ ESUB is well known and has been in the market for more than 20 years; they recently passed the mark of 1,000 customers. PlanUpPro is one of the alternatives to ESUB, especially for small contractors and subcontractors. Let’s see what the main differences are compared to ESUB. What […]

Job costing in construction for labor costs – with examples

Construction job costing with PlanUpPro

There are many tools with which you can calculate your material costs, but only a few help with calculating your labor costs. I believe that job costing is as important as getting clients. If you don’t have clients, you don’t have a business. If you are bad at job costing and budgeting, you might not […]

How to report additional work for construction projects

How to report additional workd for construciton projects

It is very common that in most projects and contracts there will be additional works, and not every contractor knows how to agree on them and get paid. Please note that additional work and extra work are two different things. Here is an example on how to differentiate: if your scope includes the assembly of […]

Understanding the Reasons Behind Delayed Payments in Construction Industry

Understanding the reasons why clients refuse to pay

Let’s model a common situation in the construction industry: you have fulfilled your part of construction site work. And you think everything has been done on time. There are no claims from your client, but you still haven’t received the final payment from him. Or maybe there are some problems, but you think they are […]

Why construction projects go over their budget

why construction projects go over budget

What research says Everyone talks about efficiency: productions are getting better every year, one-day deliveries are becoming the new normal and 60 inch TVs are breaking records for selling as cheaply as possible. But why does nothing of this happen in construction? According to McKinsey research, 98% of projects incur cost overruns or delays; the […]

Human errors in construction and how to avoid reworks in construction

reworks in construction

Reworks in construction Did you know that in the construction industry, rework is the silent death of the project and possibly the company? The team very frequently silences reworks. Your team realizes they made a mistake and refuses to discuss it. Instead, very often they re-work the work by themselves without telling the rest of […]