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If you’ve been in the construction industry for a while, you’re probably used to getting new projects because you’ve built trust and contacts. But what if you are starting your own construction company or planning to step into a new market or area? In this article, we will review the best possible sources or ways to get customers for your construction company. 

Bid management platforms

Think of online platforms as job boards and research tools. There are many platforms out there, and many of them specialize in specific markets or niches. If you find the right platform, you could probably end up finding a new project rather quickly. There are platforms that share information about the project, including architects, general contractors, specialty contractors, and other vendors. For example, Byggfakta Smart which has the largest database in Scandinavia. They will share information about contact persons and their details. Another type of platform is the one that actually has tenders already in progress, for example UPBORE. There you can apply for these tenders, receive documentation, and offer your bid if the specified job is within your scope. It doesn’t stop there; these platforms are probably the best source for finding projects and leads. The downside of these sites is not always price, but in most cases, it is. They tend to be expensive, but they are worth it if you have chosen the right platform for your region.

Word of mouth

The construction business is all about building relationships. You should be going out and talking about yourself so that everyone in your network knows that you are a builder and can spread your message. For general contractors, it is not easy to find new contractors to work with because one mistake can cost a lot. They tend to be wary. Hence, they will always choose to work with those whom they know or about whom they have heard good recommendations. Of course, price is also playing a significant role, and they will leverage the risk of choosing the cheapest offer against a contractor with whom they have worked before or who has trusted recommendations.

Social networking

Social networking is the slowest but could end up being the most efficient way of building trust in yourself, your company, and your services. People who will see that you are socially active will slowly mark you or your company in their minds as the ones who perform great services, and in the event that they need the services you provide, they will immediately remember you. This step can take a lot of time before the first results are tangible, and you must be active on a frequent basis. If you need to acquire new projects on a short basis, then this step is not recommended, as it gives value only in long term.


Building a website is a must-have. The website itself will not bring you new customers, but this is your business card for your company. All your clients, before ordering anything from you, will check if you have a website to confirm that they are making the right decision by working with you. But don’t make things too complicated; you are offering construction services, so you don’t need a high-end website. All you need for your website is to know who you are, what services you offer, what projects you have performed before, who your clients are, and some recommendations are valuable. 


There are many ways to get your first customer, but bid management platforms are probably the best place to start. These platforms are usually packed with ongoing and upcoming projects or tenders. There you can get your first clients and start negotiations. Also, don’t forget about networking and socializing. Your client will probably look up for your company and services before making a final decision. Having heard about you or seeing your previous works will greatly help you stand out.

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