How to Attract Young Talent to Careers in Construction

Our customer base is slowly building up, and we often ask our clients how they attract new talents to work on sites as construction workers. All construction companies are facing the same issue: their staff is getting older and it is harder to attract new talents for their work. This phenomenon has also been discussed in many research studies. More often, young people choose to work in offices. 

But having had discussions with many contractors and being myself a previous contractor, here are some of the strategies that help attract new talents. 

Being active on social media 

Now all young people are hanging out and spending lots of time on social media. If you want to get young people to work with you, then these social media sites are the places where your company should also hang out. You should be doing active posting to show how it is to work with you, what problems you face, how you fix them, and how your current employees work and feel in the workplace. You must show that you care about people and work, which is what young people value. 

Most of the companies admitted that the best social platform to start with is TikTok; this is where most recognition can be gained, and many of them reported that through TikTok they received many applications, especially from young people willing to work on construction sites. The second platform was LinkedIn. Almost all contractors admit that Facebook and Instagram aren’t the best platforms to build brand awareness.

Build an engaging website 

Young people do everything on the internet. If you want them to work with you and attract the best talent, you need an engaging website. The one where, when they open, they say, “Wow, I want to work with them,” or they see that the company values workers, or they see that the company is performing great projects where high craftsmanship skills are needed. Great new talents want to work in a company where they will be valued and where they can learn and improve themselves. When they open your homepage, they want to imagine themselves working with you. 

Review your website and ask young people what they think about it. They are the judges, not you. You want them to work with you. 

Build a reputation as a solid employer 

Work with your current employees; make their engagement to work and stay with you a top priority. They are your main asset. They are the ones who will train your new talents, and they will also spread the good word about you. 

Train your staff

Organize training courses where your employees can improve their skills. New talents will appreciate that you organize training programs often. If you are not interested or do not have time to organize your own training, then you can look for special courses or training programs. There are many couches and companies that offer staff training. Also, many material suppliers are organizing trainings and seminars on how to use their materials, etc.

Brand building

Almost everyone with whom we discussed, and also what I have learned from my own experience, agrees that brand awareness is the key to successfully attracting new talents and young people to work with you on sites. We live in times when people value companies because they value their employees. Almost everyone with whom we talked admitted that they are using influencers and agencies that help them with brand building—copywriting, storytelling, social content management, website services, and more. 

Author – Emil Berzins. Follow me on