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We are constantly evolving, and we are open to working with guest writers.

Our aim is to build content focused mainly on contractors who work in the construction industry. If you have something to share about this niche, please let us know. 


What content do we approve?

  1. Human written content
  2. Topics and articles focused on construction contractors, can be about anything, whether finances or safety. As long as it is related to and helpful for construction companies.
  3. The article must be between 500 and 1500 words.
  4. The author must be related to the construction industry. If your business or work is somehow related to the construction industry, you fit.  
  5. The article must be unique, and it shouldn’t be listed on any other blog. 
  6. At least one picture related to the article


What content will we not approve?

  1. AI written articles. We know how to spot them and test them! 
  2. Sales articles. Articles that explicitly promote a product or service. Although we might approve of an article about how to use your product. We are here to provide readers with insightful content, not sell them products.
  3. Articles with poor grammar.


Here’s what you’ll get by being a guest contributor

  1. Under the post, we will add information about the author. We will need your bio and LinkedIn link. The bio should be no more than 500 characters long. 
  2. We will allow two do-follow links. Please highlight in the article which links should be do-follow. 


When PlanUpPro publishes your post on their blog, it cannot be published elsewhere. PlanUpPro retains the authority to accept or decline any submitted articles and modify them as necessary before publishing them on our blog. We will conduct checks for duplicate content, and if flagged, existing posts will be removed.


Please note that we are strongly building our SEO strategy and we always check how your article could affect our Google rankings. 


You can send your article as a Google Doc to emil@planuppro.com. Typically, you will receive feedback from us within two weeks. 


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