Free Construction Software for Small Construction Companies

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Free Construction Software for Small Construction Companies

Announcing big news for today. From today, we have decided to give our software free of charge to small construction companies. Free access will be the same as the regular version. The only difference is that the free version will allow only two users. 

Two users are enough for contractors who manage one or two teams. One seat is for the owner, and the second seat is for the site manager or project manager. Yes, two seats are enough; you don’t need more.

Why we decided to give free access

We know how hard it is when you start off as a new company, and are saving on everything. We believe giving free access to small companies will help them grow faster. Our goal is to make contractors’ lives easier and see growth! That is why we encourage small companies to use our services and grow together with us. 

Scaling the construction industry

We are aiming to scale the construction industry and make an impact. By giving away free tools to those who need them most, we hope that this will spread and make an impact. We have also started to blog frequently and share some tips on how to scale your company and improve overall industry performance. There is a lot of work to be done in the construction industry in order to make that progress line go up. 

How do I get free access?

In order to have free access, all you have to do is register here. Please also don’t forget to watch our videos on our YouTube channel before starting to use our tool. And don’t forget to leave thumbs up; it helps to rank higher! 

Where is the catch?

There isn’t any catch; you will receive the same version as a paid member. All the functionality and everything else is the same; there is no trial or trimmed version. The only difference is that with a free subscription, you can have only two user seats. 

“Seat” means a registered account on the Software, which may be occupied by a single User at any given time on any given instance of the Software in any given Environment

What about support?

Even though you have free access, you will have the same support as paid members. In case you have any questions, please ask. We are here together to improve our services and products.

Now let’s go and register for free access and take control over your schedule and budget. Start to think about how to improve your productivity, job costing, improve your processes and overall relationships with your clients!