ESUB alternative for small contractors and subcontractors​

ESUB is well known and has been in the market for more than 20 years; they recently passed the mark of 1,000 customers. PlanUpPro is one of the alternatives to ESUB, especially for small contractors and subcontractors. Let’s see what the main differences are compared to ESUB.

What is ESUB?

ESUB Construction Software is a cloud-based project management and document control platform designed specifically for subcontractors in the construction industry. The software helps streamline communication and collaboration between subcontractors and their general contractors, allowing them to track project progress, manage change orders, create and track RFIs, and manage daily reports and field notes.

Job costing and forecasting your budget

Job costing can be tough with the wrong tools. But with PlanUpPro, it is easy to do job costing and forecast your budget. As soon as you start working on site, PlanUpPro starts using your data, and with the use of AI, it will remodel many scenarios and give you output. You will be able to see how much money you are planning to spend on the whole project as well as across different tasks and workers.

Schedule your manpower

Scheduling manpower has never been easier with PlanUpPro. Once you have analyzed your scope and divided it into tasks, you can start to schedule your manpower. During project execution, PlanUpPro will indicate where there are discrepancies with your initial plan. Since it uses AI, it will learn from your data and give you data on which tasks you should increase or decrease manpower for. And all of this will update daily, so you will stay on track.

Staff performance

Know who is having better performances. Having these data, you can start to mix your team so that you can achieve the best results from your team. And again, the staff performance ratio updates daily, so you will always have up to date data. You can research why some of your workers are performing better than others and some are not, and you can see what you need to improve.

Forecast project and task deadline

Finally, one of the best PlanUpPro features is forecasting deadlines. Yes, we have nailed our algorithm. By using the latest AI advancements, we were able to train our model on hundreds of different case studies. It can find the pattern between tasks and discrepancies in your daily performance and give you deadlines for your project as well as how many days you need to finish each of the tasks.


While ESUB is focused on cloud and document management, PlanUpPro is mainly focused on budget, performance, and schedule. There is no option currently for document management because it is highly recommended to share documents on much safer clouds, for example, SharePoint. And don’t forget that SharePoint comes free with your company email subscription. Our goal is to give data to owners and managers about how much each of the projects will cost and when the work will be done. We believe that these are the three main metrics that any owner or manager wants to see. This is all done only with the latest advancements in AI and our field expertise.

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