Recently more than ever our lives are becoming increasingly influenced by AI. And at PlanUpPro we believe that soon AI will also revolutionize the construction industry.

Here at PlanUpPro we are currently working on new functions which are based on AI and Machine learning (ML). Benefit for our customers is that the PlanUpPro web app is built so that when we develop our features we can use the existing data of our user projects and increment them in our new upcoming features which then will benefit them. Our users will not need to change their data, they will simply be able to use our new features.

Recently we announced that we are about to launch the AI cold email sales generator. 

Here the founder of PlanUpPro Emil Berzins shares why we are implementing this new feature and how it will benefit the construction industry: 

I have been working as a contractor and doing sales and project management for years. I have probably sent thousands of sales emails to existing customers and new customers. When you contact an existing customer it is easy to do sales hence you both know each other. But when you have to contact someone you don’t know, a company you never worked before, trying to conquer a new market or initiate a new co-operation, then things start to get tricky. 

When you contact someone for the first time you really have to understand what the other side wants from you, what services they need and so on. I have tried many techniques/ideas, read various books and thousands of blog posts and articles. From all my personal and professional experience I learned how you should write, talk and negotiate when contacting new clients. 

In cooperation with TextBuilder

It is a masterpiece to craft a perfect sales email: the ONE that gets your clients attention. Current AI models which are already available in the market lack personality hence not bringing results. Together with TextBuilder we came up with an algorithm who thinks and talks like a contractor. TextBuilder’s long experience with AI and my knowledge in the construction industry helped to train AI model who writes and think like contractors. 

But what about sales letter generator? Contractors who do  the work usually don’t have departments like they have it in large corporations and often project managers are also doing sales. Our mission at PlanUpPro is to be THE BEST tool for project managers. By giving AI sales letter generator project managers or sales managers will be able to spend less time on acquiring new customers. Instead they will be able to spend more time on preparing better offers on which they are good at. 

Sales email generator is not where we will stop. Together with Textbuilder we are crafting AI model to behave and think like contractor not only with sales emails but also with problem solving and many more. Problem solving is a critical skill for every contractor. Imagine performance or budget start to go other direction, and you have AI which sees that and starts to interact with you.

There are so many professionals out there who know how to do construction site works but they lack sales knowledge. They don’t know how to get new clients to the table. Because when they do get them to the table and get their attention of what they have done, the client immediately knows that he is in the right place. I believe our AI sales generator industry will only benefit talented and hard working professionals to sell their work and develop further. 

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