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This construction web app will let you know two things:

* Made to be user friendly and do the things you only need! 


PlanUpPro uses latest AI advancements and helps contractors with forecasting project deadlines at ease

No more manual gantt charts


PlanUpPro can forecast your project deadline and deadlines for tasks under any conditions and delays. Our algorithm is trained for thousands of different scenarios and it is specifically trained so that many unpredictable changes can happen, hence quickly rescheduling and giving users the best possible outcome. 

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By just knowing how your guys are performing on site we can forecast your potential job costs 


PlanUpPro can forecast your project and give you data about your possible job costs within first week since your team step on the site. 

PlanUpPro provides data you need daily

Developed by construction engineers, PlanUpPro is designed to track what is relevant. It saves your effort and provides most valuable data with minimal input.


Daily progress of project in relation to set budget. Within first 2 weeks of project start-date find out if your project is on or off budget to take action and make relevant changes well in advance.


Overall and individual performance of team in relation of your set goals and project deadlines.


Track overall progress of your project, as well as progress for each task.


Excel in labour planning and site work management.

Sounds impossible? Find out yourself.

We made it possible. It has been tested on many jobsites! It works! 

Relevant data always available and up-to-date

Take full control of sitework scheduling

Unlock the full potential of your construction projects with PlanUpPro, the game changer of specialty trade contractor solutions.

With advanced project management tools, simple  scheduling and valuable data output and budget forecasting, PlanUpPro empowers you to streamline your site work and maximize overall effectivity.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize the way you manage your projects. Sign up now and experience the game-changing power of PlanUpPro today.

We are not talking just another planning tool.

We are not talking just another planning tool.

PlanUpPro is suitable for a range of construction industry professionals

Concrete contractors

Electrical contractors

Plumbing contractors

Drywall contractors

Masonry contractors

Carpentry contractors

HVAC contractors

Structural steel contractors

PlanUpPro can be used by:

Project manager

Site manager

Sales manager


Office manager

Meet The Founder

Focusing on optimization and business risk management

In the world of engineering everything is measureable. Optimization and business risk management has long been my focus and field of improvement. Web software PlanUpPro is a combination of my 10 year experience and expertise in Scandinavian construction industry management with advancement of tech software.

On my way to creating PlanUpPro I myself  tried and used many scheduling software tools and none of them gave me the results that I wanted when managing my projects ranging  from small to large corporative projects and office buildings. I felt these tools were too time consumptive and chaotic, so I ended up designing my own algorithm and this app.

PlanUpPro offers imput of complex  algorithm with output of user friendly data. But most important, it gives a chance for small contractors to take control of their own work to measure and forecast site works. It is specifically designed for subcontractors who execute any site works that requires human labour management. 

With rapid technological development we are entering a new era of more pronounced planning tools that allow us to approach traditional measures with advanced methods to reach new levels of optimization.

I am excited to pioneer these exciting times and I personally welcome you to join our growing community!

Let’s schedule an online meeting to discuss how you can apply PlanUpPro to benefit your business! 

Emil Berzins

PlanUpPro is the only scheduling tool you will need

Here are some of benefits when using PlanUpPro

Improved planning

Forget about missed deadlines. Our tool will calculate and update your project deadline based on your daily performance.

Customer relations

By improving your schedules your clients will be more happier and generate more positive feedback.

Easy to learn

Easy to learn and adapt. Our tool doesn't require to open special job position to maintain schedules nor it requires special training for your staff .

Increased profitability

With each project you will see that profitability is rising.

24/7 Support

We are here to help you in case things go wrong or assistance is needed.

Save money

Our tool will know whether you are planning to go over the budget or bellow and will keep you updated.

why should you try?

Key benefits of choosing PlanUpPro

Reduced missed deadlines 86%
Improved project budget forecasts 91%
Improved relationships with clients 98%
Reduced costs for re-planning 98%
Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t find the answer? Contact us directly!

I am a subcontractor will this tool help me?

Yes, it is specifically designed for subcontractors. If you are a general contractor then we suggest to use our tool for monitoring your subcontractors. 

Is this tool designed for site construction works?

Yes, this tool is specifically designed for site works. It is not meant to schedule/forecast design works only site works. 

What happens if the works suddenly stops because of missed delivery, rain or something else.

Actually our tool is developed so that it takes these factors into account. We have experience on field for many years. We know that works on site are affected by many things for example – missed delivery, workers are not showing up, worker skills, weather conditions, missing material and etc.. If this happens don’t worry just type what has been done during the day. All these factors will be taken into account and actually this will give you more precise time of when the project will be finished. So far we haven’t seen a project where everything goes smooth without any single mistake. 

How long are you keeping data about our projects

Your data will be kept as long as you have valid membership. Don’t worry in case of missed payment, we will save your user data for 2 months. 

How to contact customer services?

Need help? Contact us here.

Changing the way how construction works are planned

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