In this article, we will go through some of the best construction software by its use cases. There are numerous construction software available, the majority of which perform essentially the same function. The only difference is the price and some minor features. But if you start to read about them, users can get confused because not all of them can benefit you, and it really depends on what your needs are and whether you are a general contractor, a trade contractor, or a specialty contractor.

Construction software for trade and specialty contractors

Amongst many construction softwares, PlanUpPro is the one that stands out if your revenue is up to 10 million EUR and you are performing specialized construction work. PlanUpPro is designed by a team of construction project managers that understand specifics of field work and job specifics of construction worker teams.Up to date this app has been tested on many construction sites and projects.

Most construction software lacks user friendliness, they are all complicated, don’t give any results, and make things more complicated, which is one of the reasons why all construction software tools struggle with financing themselves and acquiring more customers. PlanUpPro’s best feature is that it simulates and calculates different scenarios of how the project could be executed and gives you data on when the project and tasks will be finished. The model is so finely tuned that within the first two weeks, project managers can see when the project will be finished and rely on this information. PlanUpPro also offers the possibility to schedule manpower and gives you forecasts of your project budget, worker performance, daily reports, and more.
Find out more about PlanUpPro

The construction software for general contractors

If you are a general contractor then we have determined that Procore is a true winner. Procore has around 15 000 clients and over 2 million users. It is the leader in the construction industry. It is packed with many features, for project managers, this is the platform from which all the work is managed and visible. It is all-in-one software where you can schedule your work and store your drawings, reports, and price offers. It is also linked with accounting software so you can track all the expenses and many more features. Procore is designed for large-scale, complex projects, hence, the price for this software is high, and most trade contractors can’t afford it. Find out more about Procore.

The construction software for those who only want their documents organized

And our winner is: SharePoint. It is not really construction software, more so, it is a document management and storage system, which probably comes together with your email subscription if you use Outlook. But OK, why SharePoint? The reason is simple: security! And SharePoint comes free with your email subscription. SharePoint security is probably one of the highest on the market. It is owned by Microsoft, and they can’t afford to make mistakes that would impact their company and stock prices. On the SharePoint platform you can specify user roles, what documents they can access, and more. You can see who saw the document and how many changes there have been made. If you go into a shared Excel file, you can even see which person changed or added information in any of the cells. The downside of Sharepoint is that you have to make your own document structure, for example, where goes drawings, technical data, price offers and so on. Find out more about SharePoint.

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