Why PlanUpPro is a better alternative to Procore for small contractors

As you already might know, Procore is a great tool, but only if you are a general contractor or operate a large construction business. It is packed with many features, but it lacks focus on the needs of the site. 

So if you perform field work and you are a specialty trade contractor, then PlanUpPro is designed for you. 

Key features 

Easy to use, schedule forecast, automatic rescheduling, productivity, job costing and budget forecast are some of the main reasons why most small contractors use PlanUpPro. 

Easy-to-use interface

Fieldworks likes what they do, and we know that they don’t want to spend much time learning new software or having confusing interfaces. Instead, PlanUpPro interface is intuitive and easy to learn. The whole process of how to use a our software and its main functions can be understood within 30 minutes, even for those who are not good with computers. 

Schedule forecasting and rescheduling

Almost every new customer says it’s not possible to forecast the schedule. Well, technology is going forward, and with the latest advancement in AI, we did it. Once your team starts to perform site work, our tool will start to remodel different scenarios and give you the best possible outcome. Sometimes it is hard to admit the truth that work will be delayed, but you can’t fool the math. 

But ok, what happens if work is delayed for some unknown reason? As anything can happen on site. You just keep working on or stop the works depending on the cause of the delay. Our software will keep running for you and reschedule different scenarios. It learns from your site’s performance and adapts to it. He knows how well the work is getting organized in your company, how many teams there have been, delays, and so on. 

This can be tested only by trying it out and we have changed minds even for sceptics. 

PlanUpPro alternative to Procore

Forecast project budget, job costing

When we talk about project budgets, then job costing for field workers can be difficult to forecast. But thanks to the latest AI advancements in PlanUpPro, it is possible to forecast job costs. PlanUpPro will give you data on how much you have spent, how much you will spend, and whether there are savings. All this data is updated daily based on your site’s performance. 

As soon as the team starts to work on site, you can see whether the project goes according to your plans; if not, you can rethink your strategy and be aware of results. 

PlanUpPro alternative to Procore

Employee productivity

To analyze your progress and project, PlanUpPro will give you the output of every employee’s productivity and performance. You can then analyze and focus on tasks that are not performing well. This feature has allowed many clients to outperform their budgets and help at tendering future projects

PlanUpPro alternative to Procore

Alternative to Procore?

If you are looking for a Procore alternative, then you have come to the right place. PlanUpPro is focused on small construction companies that perform field work. With the latest AI advancements, it forecasts your schedule and budget for you. These are two main key things to run successfully any construction company. 

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