About PlanUpPro

Did you know that the construction industry is one of the industries that lacks productivity? There have been many advancements and increases in productivity in all other industries, but the construction industry has been flat for the last 30 years. 

Many are working hard to change this, but results are hard to see. 

We believe that one of the reasons why the construction industry lacks is because of a lack of use of new advancements in IT. Way too many construction companies are still relying on old Excel sheets. 

Why do we know that? Simply! 

Just ask on site to any of the contractors. You will be surprised to learn that none of them or, in the best case scenario, some of them use some kind of construction software. 

PlanUpPro has been focusing for years on how to better plan, schedule and budget construction site works. We are a ConTech start up company whose experience comes from the field. 

Most of our team members have been working in construction sites for years as project managers, purchasers, site managers, supervisors, and construction workers, so we know very well what kind of problem most of the construction companies face.

Since you are here, you probably know what a Gant chart is. No project has been built without it. Since you know Gantt charts, you probably also know that they are up to date only on the day they were created; since then, they must be updated daily, and nothing ever goes according to them. Most of our team members have gone through this phase until we came to the conclusion of what really construction companies need.

We are passionate about planning; our slogan is everything is plannable. Constantly, we are gathering our user experiences, implementing new techniques, strategies, etc., in order to improve how the construction works are being planned. After all, we all know that the construction industry is still generating a lot of waste, and our goal is to reduce it through better planning, etc.

We make our tools by implementing best practices from lean production, agile development, and our own experience. Every day we are learning new things in order to give you the best.

We develop helpful content every other day for our blog. Where we share our knowledge about the construction industry, how-tos, and more. All the knowledge here comes from the people who have been working on the field. 

Changing the way how construction works were planned

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