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The Construction Productivity Challenge: A Need for Innovation

The construction industry faces a unique challenge: despite advancements in other sectors, productivity has remained stagnant for the past 30 years. While many efforts are underway to address this issue, significant progress can be elusive. We believe a key factor hindering improvement is the underutilization of modern information technology (IT) solutions.

Traditional Methods: A Roadblock to Progress?

Outdated methods, such as heavy reliance on spreadsheets, are still prevalent in construction. A simple survey of construction sites would reveal that many, if not most, contractors lack access to modern construction software.

PlanUpPro: Bridging the Gap

PlanUpPro, a ConTech startup, was founded by construction professionals who understand the industry’s needs firsthand. Our team members have extensive experience as project managers, purchasers, site managers, supervisors, and construction workers. This deep understanding fuels our mission: to revolutionize construction planning, scheduling, and budgeting through innovative software solutions.

Moving Beyond the Gantt Chart

While the Gantt chart remains a common tool, its limitations are well-known. These static schedules often require daily updates due to unforeseen circumstances, rendering them quickly outdated. PlanUpPro offers a more dynamic approach, going beyond the limitations of traditional charts.

Building a More Efficient Future

Our team is passionate about planning, believing that “everything is plannable.” We continuously gather user feedback and implement cutting-edge techniques and strategies to optimize construction planning. We are committed to reducing industry waste through improved planning and efficiency.

Our Approach to Innovation

Our software tools leverage best practices from lean production, agile development, and our own extensive experience. We are constantly learning and evolving to provide the best possible solutions for the construction industry.

Knowledge Sharing: Empowering Construction Professionals

PlanUpPro actively shares valuable industry knowledge through informative blog posts published regularly. These articles, written by construction professionals themselves, offer valuable insights, practical how-tos, and industry-specific information.

Join us in the journey towards a more productive and efficient construction

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